Soil Restoration Notes

Fixed Income, Direct Impact

Iroquois Valley has independently issued promissory notes since 2014 to offer investors a fixed-income security that supports organic farmers. The proceeds from the sale of the Soil Restoration Notes are used to secure farmland for farmers that have approached us with land access needs. The Notes allow the Company to broaden and diversify the capital stack, keep costs of capital relatively low and offer lease and mortgages to farmers at accessible rates.  This product is only available to accredited investors. This offering is now closed – a new Note offering is coming in early 2020.

Direct Impact Through the Organic Transition Pool

The Soil Restoration Notes program includes direct financial support for farmers in the portfolio who are currently experiencing the three-year transition period necessary to convert a conventional piece of farmland to organic. The Company pays 3% annually on the Notes, but only 2.5% goes to the investor. The remaining 0.5% is paid into a cash pool distributed to farmers in transition on a per acre basis. This helps lower costs for farmers during the most financially challenging time, when the crops are grown organically but are not able to be marketed as organic.

2.5% Interest to Investors 0.5% to Organic Transition Pool

Investment Details

  • Available to accredited investors only*
  • Minimum investment of $30,000
  • Investor receives 2.5% interest per year, paid in semi-annual coupons on January 15th and July 15th
  • Company pays an additional 0.5% interest into Organic Transition Pool distributed to farmers currently in the process of transitioning the land to organic
  • Note matures on July 15, 2023
  • Securities offered through SEC Regulation D

*For more information on what defines an accredited investor, please visit the SEC website or reach out to our investment department at

How to Invest


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