Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT Corporate Offices are located in are located in Chicago, IL with additional staff working from across the United States. 

Corporate Offices:
(847) 859-6645

Mailing address:
1720 W Division St
Chicago IL 60622


Farm and Farmer Information:


(847) 859-6645 ext. 2


Investment Information:


(847) 859-6645 ext. 1

Interested in Investing?

Iroquois Valley is one of the first private companies in North America to offer investors direct exposure to a diversified portfolio of certified organic farmland. Since its inception, we have raised capital from a broad base of investors, including individuals, partnerships, IRAs, trusts, corporations, foundations, nonprofits, and more. Click below to learn more about our investment opportunities.

Want to Farm with Us?

We partner with farmers at all levels of the food system, taking everything from operation type, conservation practices, location, farmer, business structure, and experience into account. We offer long-term leases, mortgages, and lines of credit to organic and transitioning farmers across the United States. Click below to explore how we can support your organic farm with land and financial resources.

Envision an Agricultural System Transformed.

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