Iroquois Valley supports farmers with capital raised through two main securities. Both securities may be held in tax-deferred accounts depending on your custodian and REIT Equity Shares can be held in many traditional brokerage accounts.

REIT Equity Shares

  • Ownership position in growing portfolio of organic farmland
  • Projected “growth and income” return: appreciation of farmland plus annual cash dividend
  • Great “real asset” diversification for balanced investment portfolio
  • Shared risk with independent organic farmers
  • Redemption rights accrue after 5 years
  • Accessible minimum investment of $10,183
  • Available to non-accredited investors

Soil Restoration Notes

  • Provide land access and operating capital to organic farmers through the purchase of an unsecured promissory note'
  • 5 year maturity from the date of investment
  • 2.25% annual return to investors
  • Additional 0.5% annual return paid into Soil Restoration Pool to assist farmers building soil health and achieving USDA organic certification
  • $50,000 minimum investment


Make An Investment

Invest by Online Portal
  1. Create Account
  2. Review Offering
  3. Complete Subscription
  4. Sign Electronically
  5. Send a check or wire funds
Invest by PDF
  1. Review Offering
  2. Download Subscription
  3. Complete & Sign Upload or Email
  4. Send funds via check or wire
Invest by Mail
  1. Review Offering
  2. Download Subscription
  3. Complete & Sign Upload or Email
  4. Send funds via check or wire

Other Ways to Invest

Brokerage Accounts

Iroquois Valley REIT Shares can be held in brokerage accounts at the following companies with some exceptions: Fidelity (pdf), Pershing (pdf), TD Ameritrade (pdf) & Charles Schwab (pdf). Please download specific instructions and forms by clicking the company-specific link.

Tax Deferred Accounts (IRA)

Both REIT Equity Shares and Soil Restoration Notes can be held in tax-deferred accounts like 401K and IRA. Download a list of third-party custodians here (pdf) and email for help or introductions to the companies.

Investing with an Advisor

Iroquois Valley has strong relationships with a wide variety of investment advisors around the country. To see a list of existing investment advisors that work with the company, visit our partners page. If you are an investment advisor looking to understand more about Iroquois Valley securities for your clients, please email


Since inception, Iroquois Valley has raised capital from a broad-base of investors with a variety of investment accounts, including individuals, partnerships, IRAs, trusts, corporations, foundations, nonprofits and more. We raise a significant amount of new investment capital through relationships with trusted financial advisors. Approximately one-third of all new investments are made by existing investors making repeat investments.

Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT is one of the first private companies in North America to offer investors direct exposure to a diversified portfolio of certified organic farmland.

Since 2007, we have deployed over $50 million in funding for organic farmland from Maine to Montana, working with more than 400 investors in 40 states. We raise equity & debt capital through our REIT Equity Shares and Soil Restoration Notes to provide a healthy return for investors and provide long-term security for farmers.

To learn more, visit our story

The information contained on this website is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, insurance product or service. Any product or service discussed in this website is intended for and is only appropriate for accredited and institutional investors and other qualified purchasers as determined by current SEC regulations. The information available on this website is for informational purposes only.


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