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Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT has secured $50 million in organic & regenerative farmland since 2007. Your investment allows us to offer farmers innovative leases and mortgages that help secure an organic future, while giving you direct exposure to a diversified portfolio of organic farmland.

Step 1

Review Our Debt & Equity Offerings

REIT Equity Shares or Soil Restoration Notes:

Current offerings are only available to accredited investors. Please contact us if you are a non-accredited investor and you would like to be notified when our Public Offering becomes available in late 2018.

Step 2:

Invest Online or Contact our Investor Relations Department

Visit our Investor Portal:

Submit Documents:

Download the Offering Documents and submit a Subscription Agreement as instructed.

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Please complete the Investor Inquiry form below, or contact our Director of Investor Relations, Alex Mackay at or 847-859-6645 ext. 701

Your Investment Helps To:

Provide long-term land access for family farmers
Convert conventional farmland to USDA Certified Organic
Build healthy soils
Restore biodiverse ecosystems
Support clean air and water
Combat climate change
Improve public health
Allow for generational planning by the farmer
Prioritize the long-term financial health of the farm



2018 SRI Conference: The 29th Annual Conference for Sustainable, Responsible & Impact Investing

Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT is excited to sponsor the 2018 SRI Conference in Colorado Springs! This marks the eighth consecutive year that Iroquois Valley will be attending and the fifth straight year as a sponsor of the event.

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Civil Eats: Can an Investment Firm Help Increase U.S. Organic Farmland?

Demand for organic products is increasing in the US, but organic acreage has not increased at the same rate. This Civil Eats article shares how Iroquois Valley is changing that by financing farmland for organic farmers.

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What We're Reading

The Chicken and The Egg: Stop Linear Farming and Embrace Circular Agriculture

In a recent Forbes article, "The Chicken and The Egg: Stop Linear Farming and Embrace Circular Agriculture," our partners at Main Street Project were featured for their poultry-centered permaculture model.

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