Diverse Leaders in Climate and Agriculture Summit

Diverse Leaders in Climate and Agriculture Summit advertisement for conference with photos of farmers and food system workers

Croatan Institute’s REEFS Program is hosting its first collaborative effort for thought leaders, practitioners, advocates, and values-aligned capital partners – the Diverse Leaders in Climate and Agriculture Summit.

Join Iroquois Valley at the conference as we convene on November 17th & 18th to engage in deep conversations at the critical nexus of finance, sustainability, and economic development. The Summit will be an opportunity for BIPOC leaders in agriculture and climate justice to engage with values-aligned partners and will feature a two-day schedule of panels and breakout sessions from leaders in climate advocacy and regenerative agriculture, and dining opportunities that aim to gather together a multitude of top professionals leading direct change.

Why This Conference Matters Right Now

Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the United States has had an opportunity to cut energy costs, create clean jobs, and transform the country’s efforts in addressing the climate crisis. The IRA is projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2030.

“We have to figure out how to use it… Because if we don’t, wealthy communities will go green, and low-income communities will stay brown. Unless we do something intentionally to make sure that it is fair, it will bypass poor communities.” – J. Phillip Thompson (Stockman, F. How To Make Sure Federal Climate Money Helps Everyone. NYTimes, Aug. 13, 2023)

The Diverse Leader in Climate and Agriculture Summit is one effort towards ensuring that, as we make the transition towards a greener economy, BIPOC communities are not only heard, but active participants in the opportunities that are created by the convergence of sustainability, innovation, and resources.

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