Few assets are as essential, valuable and impactful as farmland. Iroquois Valley REIT Equity Shares are now more accessible than ever through our current $50 million Regulation A+, Tier 2 Offering. This means a lower minimum and more availability to non-accredited investors.  

Availability & Investor Qualification

  • Our REIT Equity Shares are now available in more than 40 US States

  • Both accredited and non-accredited investors can invest pending availability

  • Non-accredited investors cannot invest more than 10% of their net worth or annual income

  • Accredited investors are not limited to a specific investment amount

  • The Company has no current plans to sell in Alabama, Arkansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma or West Virginia based on historical interest from those locations. If you are a resident of these states and are interested in investing please reach out to the company and we will see what is possible.

Investment Details

  • Minimum investment of $10,183 (17 shares at $599/share)
  • Open to all investors (purchase must not exceed the greater of 10% of annual income or 10% of net worth)
  • Investor capital must be invested for a minimum of 5 years

  • Investors can redeem shares through Redemption Program

  • Shares can be held in tax-deferred accounts and on some brokerage platforms. Please email the investment department for more information.

  • Shares will not be listed or publicly traded on an exchange. "Public" reflects new minimum investment and availability to non-accredited investors

  • Securities offered through SEC Regulation A+ (Tier 2)

How to Invest


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